Do NOT follow this advice

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  • Pyrocynical

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC:

  • LunaSPX

    I like how these "self defense" videos always assume the attacker is a brainlet and within arm's length.

  • Badass BobY
    Badass BobY

    I can swear by these self defense tricks

  • Jm 115
    Jm 11528 ditë më parë

    mugger: "give me your money!"

  • Romi Arkan
    Romi Arkan21 ditë më parë

    I love how the martial arts community, the firearm enthusiasts, the personal protection community, as well as the law enforcement and military community have seen D.U.S.T as a common enemy

  • Ria Ri
    Ria Ri28 ditë më parë

    My theory on why they say stuff like “please stop” is so that in case of actually harming the attackers people could say it was an act of self defense.

  • Curllum
    Curllum28 ditë më parë

    This is literally the advice teachers give us when we’re getting bullied

  • Tophat Turtle
    Tophat Turtle

    Pyro needs to defend himself from the homeless man outside of his local tesco

  • Howey

    Thanks to these videos I managed to disarm a mugger outside Tesco and made it out with only three fatal stab wounds

  • wahat da
    wahat da

    If Pyrocynical approaches you.

  • The Jakob Hallett Nerve Centre
    The Jakob Hallett Nerve Centre21 ditë më parë

    Love how Pyro backs up his Bethesda statement by showing Fallout New Vegas, a game NOT made by Bethesda. I love this man.

  • Cursed Jeans
    Cursed Jeans

    The nose, being almost entirely cartilage, and having no bones to reinforce, is one of the weakest and easy to break. I broke mine while walking face first into a door at my school at a light jog

  • Radioman 777
    Radioman 77714 ditë më parë


  • Brayniacc

    As a Detroit Native, I can personally confirm that all of these defense maneuvers will be successful in practice if you complete the quick-time event correctly.

  • The notorious NEPHI
    The notorious NEPHI

    I love how he says he's never heard of gacha games after advertising raid shadow legends...

  • ImperialWarhawk123ABC
    ImperialWarhawk123ABC28 ditë më parë

    Self defense videos also tend to understate just how intense, quick, and how much struggle people are capable of.

  • Alex R.
    Alex R.28 ditë më parë

    those "keychains" are the best thing (in that size) you can have in a fight. Here in Germany you aren't even allowed to have them when outside without a small weapons license. In a trained hand they are a deadly weapon

  • Dizzy Dial
    Dizzy Dial28 ditë më parë

    In firearm safety courses, one thing they go over is keeping a proper distance from someone you're defending yourself against because of exactly the techniques in this video. While questionable in their effectiveness, you should minimize the risk of getting disarmed.

  • ColorCodeWhite
    ColorCodeWhite21 ditë më parë

    I once used these self-defense techniques I learned from these videos, and I successfully got robbed and my shit kicked in. Thank you

  • McKinley

    Detroit Urban Survival Training is genius, They can't receive bad reviews from people that tried their horrible self defense tips because-