Someone illegally put me in a mobile ad

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  • Pyrocynical
    PyrocynicalVit më parë

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS:

  • Limited Lunar
    Limited LunarVit më parë

    I thought raid shadow legends was a joke but turns out he was actually sponsoring it.

  • Dr. K
    Dr. KVit më parë

    Every time Pyro is sponsored by Raid he makes a terrible, passive-aggressive ad trying to hint at how he’s being held at gunpoint

  • Артём Дубравин
    Артём ДубравинVit më parë

    I doubt anyone is gonna read it, but I have visited a b2b ad conference in Eastern Europe this Autumn and sat through a speech by the guys who made the pin pull ads for a game shown in this video. It's a 4 person team from Eastern Europe. They presented how they are making these ads, like solely the technical aspect of it. But when they finished with the presentation, a guy from the audience asked them "Why?". Like, why do you make those. What's the logic behind it all if the game doesn't look anything like the ad, etc. You know. All the normie questions Pyro has in this video. I remembered the reply nearly verbatim because it seemed really funny. "We see the ads mission a success after three steps were met. 1. The user gets frustrated with the poorly solved puzzle and downloads the game to solve it. 2. User finds out game doesn't even feature the pin puzzles like in the ad and looks nothing like it. The user then enters the FRUSTRATION PHASE and usually leaves a bad review. However in 60% of cases the game is not uninstalled due to the user being distracted by something (for example writing the bad review, or like getting a phone call). 3. When the user gets bored in a couple of days and wants to play a game on his phone his frustration phase is long since over and he probably doesn't even remember that the ad he was frustrated about was linked to this game he now has installed, in most cases he doesn't even remember where he got the game on his phone, so he starts playing it and 5% of those users become paying customers which is more than enough to pay 500% of the ad budget back to the company. "

  • BoJangles McGregger
    BoJangles McGregger

    Pyros eyesight: ⬜️👃👁

  • filho do caldas
    filho do caldasVit më parë

    Let's be honest, let's be real... Everyone thought he was being ironic about the raid sponsor

  • Chill Beatz
    Chill Beatz

    Ironic the fact I get a mobile ad

  • PaddyTheLegend16
    PaddyTheLegend16Vit më parë

    I love how during the Raid ad, he's being really passive aggressive

  • Jonathan
    JonathanVit më parë

    Now, Im not lesbian BUT, Pyro's hair hits different

  • Memedude
    MemedudeVit më parë

    pyro sounds like he’s doing the raid ad at gun point and is trying to hint to it

  • some doofis with internet access
    some doofis with internet accessVit më parë

    I hate the mobile game ads where they're interactive and when they tell you to continue the game when you click they just send you a link to download the full game it's very annoying

  • ShadowyArt
    ShadowyArtVit më parë

    you could probably sue the company for $10 and they would go into debt.

  • Macnbac

    I remember seeing an ad that was just some high-pitched voice saying fuck over some footage of heavily modded skyrim. It was for a find the difference game.

  • Sleepy
    SleepyVit më parë

    I thought the Raid sponsorship was ironic at first....

  • Jf __
    Jf __Vit më parë

    I like how he can shit on raid every time they sponsor him and he still gets thousands of dollars from them

  • Phersonaimer

    It pains me seeing Arknights getting put in a video for cringe mobile ads. The ads for it are horrendous for sure, but the game itself is really amazing.

  • Noobitious

    What's sad is Homescapes actually used to have real ads with good animation, while also showing real gameplay. but I think the actual animations were scrapped in favor of the pin ads.

  • Turkey Kramer
    Turkey KramerVit më parë

    Pyrocynical: the story of a guy slowly becoming a Karen haircut

  • ᴛable

    I have big brain, I just turn off my WiFi so they can’t play ads.

  • BenTheJMen
    BenTheJMenVit më parë

    I couldn't tell if the raid sponsorship was real or fake lol.