The Ace Family Must Be Stopped


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  • CordWit
    CordWit2 vjet më parë

    I honestly love how well all of the videos in 2019 that Pyro has made so far, they are 10 times more worth the wait and are still a very similar and great sense of humour, well done!

  • Neliswa
    Neliswa2 vjet më parë

    "Lying to the internet is like committing first degree murder."

  • Nick Pugni
    Nick PugniVit më parë

    Pyro coming out of his house/apartment, a rare sighting

  • crinkle crackle
    crinkle crackleVit më parë

    Is the Ace Family supposed to be for children??? He curses so much, and I get that a lot of people curse on the internet now, but I don't think 6 and 7 y/o's should exposed to that

  • BlackOverBlueSkies
    BlackOverBlueSkies2 vjet më parë

    As someone who works in security, It was obvious those "cops" were fake. If someone is filming you, you're not suppose to let them film the badge. Also, you MUST act professionally at ALL times while in uniform. Flashing hand signs will 100% get you fired.

  • Blue Jay Jenna
    Blue Jay JennaVit më parë

    It's funny how she's using a fake name for privacy but doesn't mind showing off everything her children does so they don't have any privacy

  • Baylike
    Baylike2 vjet më parë

    my dad's belt must be stopped

  • MayTrumpet
    MayTrumpet2 vjet më parë

    "if your nice you have something to hide"

  • I Love Llamas
    I Love LlamasVit më parë

    Dad from the Ace Family: I can't believe they took $11 off of each ticket just to have ambulances on site, so that's taking off almost a third of each ticket's price JUST for the chance to possibly save somebody's life In case of an emergency.

  • WassKo - Kun
    WassKo - KunVit më parë

    The toddler girl is basically named "She" in french

  • Waluigi
    WaluigiVit më parë

    The opening scene is actually great Pyro 🧨

  • Mo
    MoVit më parë

    Imagine getting robbed and your first thought is ‘ooh, CONTENT!’

  • Ben Black - Dynastus
    Ben Black - DynastusVit më parë

    Man I am glad you called this out. Monetizing your child is really disgusting.

  • Nightquaker
    Nightquaker2 vjet më parë

    Lmao, that moment when you have a lot of money and your cameras don't have night vision.

  • C R E E P
    C R E E PVit më parë

    There was also an incident where Austin was riding a jet ski around his pool, and (a whole lot) of water was come out the pool. The people who lived down the hill was getting mud slides and that shit. He kept riding the jet ski around. Catherine was telling him to stop. Even in the videos of the jet ski shit you could hear people yelling, “STOP!” at Austin. Even Catherine had to apologize.

  • Tyler D
    Tyler DVit më parë

    Also smacking his daughters bum and saying “oh god” and his daughter pushing his hand away as he tries to play it off. Yeaaaa sus

  • General Grievance
    General GrievanceVit më parë

    Theory: Pyro was raised in a vlogging family, that’s why they hurt him on a personal level

  • Jacketylon

    You'd think a family as rich as them would be able to afford night vision security cameras

  • Rodrigo García Garza
    Rodrigo García GarzaVit më parë

    its so sad to see so many brainwashed children in the chat of their streams just spamming love emojis

  • LeEpicLuke
    LeEpicLuke2 vjet më parë

    someone dies right in front on me