Why I left

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  • Pyrocynical


  • CZsWorld

    Imagine false copyright claiming a video on your small unknown show when one of the biggest commentary ALthers is willing to promote the hell out of it for 7 hours for free.

  • SuperWiiBros08

    I already knew Pyro was doing fine doing funny live streams I never watch, glad he's doing well.

  • The Act Man
    The Act Man

    your comments on ALthe becoming a job and it feeling mundane at times hit me hard.

  • harry statham
    harry statham

    what pyro said about his fanbase around 4 mins is completely true. i used to be a massive fan and stopped watching him for a bit but i still support and respect everything he does, glad to see he’s still doing well.

  • Burd Turglar
    Burd Turglar

    I love the hard-coded subs that show you're aware of your vastly 12 year old audience who are probably watching this video on mute under their desks during class.

  • Mammutbrot

    the pewdiepie sweater joke is actually accurate. get out of my house pyro.

  • Nincadalop

    So nice of the kidnappers to let Pyrocynical explain that he's alive and hasn't been kidnapped. Also, letting him stream from a locked room really sells the idea that he's not kidnapped.

  • Wawublo

    Pyro: "I have an amazing fan base, you guys are amazing"

  • RussianAiden [Not Actually A Russian]
    RussianAiden [Not Actually A Russian]

    Pyro is like my dad, leaves for 4 months, comes back, and tries parenting again

  • Guy In A Room
    Guy In A Room

    Watched the video on utopia, I know there's no way you'll ever see it but I'll write it like you will. Anything you do is just so fucking funny yet it's also so beautifully analytical and (yes it sounds cringe) intellectual, I might be a brainlet so it won't mean much but dude, you are smart and so incredibly dedicated. I never watch long videos but you somehow manage to keep my attention over multiple hours, it's puzzling, my best guess is that it's your funny editing style.

  • kylegonewild

    He never said "please no drugs."

  • Trevor Eagar
    Trevor Eagar

    Dips for half a year and the second thing he says "We have new merch" ah yes the old Pyro

  • Huérfano Producciones
    Huérfano Producciones

    Not a single mention of petscop 2 smh

  • Apollo Justice
    Apollo Justice

    Man I missed this guy.

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong

    So glad that he can show appreciation to his fanbase without everyone memeing on him like that one time

  • Dolphin Sneeze
    Dolphin Sneeze

    I remember the mlg phase in school and showing my friends your montage parody’s. i’m 18 now and i’ve been watching ever since then, it truly feels like your content has grown with me through the years. Your content over the last 6-7 years i’ve been watching has never gotten dull, I think now it’s given me more enjoyment than ever. The long anyalsis videos are so entertaining as well as written and edited. You’ve genuinely brought me alot of happiness over the years, I appreciate you niall❤️

  • Perle Bog Witch
    Perle Bog Witch

    watching videos knowing that the person who made them really enjoys making them makes it so much better. I'm really glad you like making those long commentary videos!!

  • Squid Greater Daemon of Kwah
    Squid Greater Daemon of Kwah

    We need to get mlg teletubies back up, we can’t let him feel hope

  • Patterrz

    I respect the dedication to subtitling the whole video