The best (and worst) show you haven't seen

It's alright I guess
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0:00 Introduction
4:55 S1E1
37:32 S1E2
56:13 S1E3
1:16:12 S1E4
1:37:44 S1E5
2:04:38 S1E6
2:32:14 Lead up to Season 2
2:36:36 S2E1
3:02:25 S2E2
3:33:24 S2E3
4:06:36 S2E4
4:36:49 S2E5
5:06:49 S2E6
5:37:53 Lead up to US Remake
5:43:14 US E1
6:00:38 US E2
6:16:48 US E3
6:32:10 US E4
6:41:39 US E5
6:53:21 US E6
7:05:00 US E7
7:17:45 US E8
7:30:06 Conclusion
7:35:47 Outro Montage
7:39:19 Closing notes

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  • Pyrocynical

    The response to this video has been amazing thank you all so much. Definitely going to focus on more long form content in the future.

  • Starcat

    This is not the petscop 2 we asked for but the one we needed

  • Llama99
    Llama9914 ditë më parë

    Watching a 1 and a half hour movie: nooo… it’s too long I don’t have the time

  • falkor
    falkor14 ditë më parë

    holy shit that was a ride. the pacing was perfect, and i never imagined i could watch a nearly 8 hour review of a show, and still want to watch the entire show on my own.

  • DeAngelo Buxton
    DeAngelo Buxton14 ditë më parë

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this, but the conflict of Wilson has been hinted at since the beginning. He's spent the last five years erasing himself from anything. The internet, banking records, licenses. He wasn't just invisible but he was an empty glass jar. His character was someone who will be heavily influenced by the course of the show. Being lied to by his friends, tortured by Lee and Arby, the death of his Father and Letts explaining what Corvadt's main goals are filled that jar. THis transformation into the antagonist at the end of the first season is sad to see, but it's 100% justified when it does happen.

  • Calin Apple
    Calin Apple

    For the people who dont know Pietre is the romanian word for "rocks" and it gives some depth to his original name. By associating him with the idea of rocks it connects him with the ideas of being tough and immobile but it also links him to the theme of nature. This allows the character to show the contrast between his name and his actions that are nothing but normal. And with all the references to cogs and machine, it shows how much Pietre alienated himself from his origins

  • Tax Evasion
    Tax Evasion14 ditë më parë

    I can't believe they had Chris-Chan play a British secret agent.

  • CDTVProductions

    it’s incredible to make a video nearly 8 hours long that millions of people click on to watch, good shit man

  • Dr Pelliper
    Dr Pelliper14 ditë më parë

    Wow, the world's governments sure have drawn a lot of inspiration from this show over the last year or so.

  • KFC 5 Fill Up
    KFC 5 Fill Up21 ditë më parë

    Them cancelling the rest of this fucking gift of a show is criminal

  • DeAngelo Buxton
    DeAngelo Buxton14 ditë më parë

    Also another thing I like to add was the choice in color.

  • garlicless bread
    garlicless bread21 ditë më parë

    this video has been sitting in my watch later for a while, finally sat down to watch it. absolutely phenomenal. a lot of people have a hard time keeping interest in for 8 hours but i was hooked start to finish. well done

  • Jack Chambler
    Jack ChamblerDitë më parë

    I think the casting of Jessica was incredible as well. If you google the actresses name and then the word 'smiling' there are none. I think they chose someone who isnt seen smiling in front of the media was on purpose, amazing casting, honestly incredible!

  • AleksWorkshop

    Feeling bad for the people that were subjected to watching the amazon US version of the show rn

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis21 ditë më parë

    So I got myself a copy of the DVD set and the amount of scenes Amazon cut is ridiculous. Lots of cute little character building moments totally glossed over. And the original aspect ratio adds a lot. If you can help it, don't stream the show on Amazon, it's just inferior to the home release.

  • Dok Champa
    Dok Champa21 orë më parë

    This show is honestly so good that even having Pyro talk about it is genuinely emotionally exhausting, but in a good way. I'm 4 hours in so far and I've had to take two major breaks with many little ones in between, just because I couldn't handle the constant stress and feeling of anything being able to go wrong or anyone dying at any moment

  • StuffandThings
    StuffandThingsDitë më parë

    Somehow the US turned a tense horror thriller into an accidental comedy... the UK version legitimately had me shook, the US version had me laughing and wondering WTF the producers were thinking when they wrote the damn thing

  • Bruno Medeiros
    Bruno Medeiros14 ditë më parë


  • Thetom5000
    Thetom500014 ditë më parë

    when listening to the soundtrack it REALLY REALLY reminded me of the soundtrack from the also critically underrated BBC America show "dirk gently's holistic detective agency" and i looked it up and what do you know its the same composer!. if you're into Utopia check it out, similar vibe and so good! was also cancelled before it was able to finish its story which is a shame

  • Mario Longford
    Mario Longford

    damn, Pyro really pushing that 10 minutes mark