Shane Dawson's movie is worse than you can imagine

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slenderman in a business suit, what stocks will he invest in?

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  • Pyrocynical
    PyrocynicalVit më parë

    UBERFEST capsule event is starting Nov 27th: higher drop rates on top class Uber Rare heroes, half off discounts, and Cat Food bargains! Download The Battle Cats here:

  • Dan
    DanVit më parë

    the next few weeks dont look pretty for pyro edit: nvm lmao congrats pyro

  • Dilloninator
    DilloninatorVit më parë

    "You can't count on anyone, especially your heroes."

  • Kirbo
    KirboVit më parë

    Pyro better pull some Projared/ Ace Attorney stuff to defend himself

  • BlueFire Gaming And Cards
    BlueFire Gaming And CardsVit më parë

    Don't worry everyone, Everything is fine now.

  • Gamer
    GamerVit më parë

    "It's a terrible day for rain."

  • QueenQuick

    Being a female myself I can confirm that awkward laughter is a must have in every female conversation.

  • Stereophone
    StereophoneVit më parë

    I really want to believe this is all fake. This genuinely hurts me to find out, like you were my absolute favourite ALther ever man. I've never felt so let down.

  • Windmild
    WindmildVit më parë

    It's like the old saying on the internet

    BIG YOSHIVit më parë

    The biggest problem is he’s staying quiet about it. I know he talked about it on Twitter but a video actually covering it would be nice to see instead of just seeing his channel fade away

  • Hudson Williams
    Hudson Williams

    Everyone’s talking more about the drama than the movie, so I’m just gonna say that a plot about Shane going through with an overly cruel plan to screw over a single person for no good reason is the only smart thing about this movie.

  • Rafael Geraldo
    Rafael Geraldo

    If this movie was made today, it'd be about a killer named The Chungus, that you summon by typing "SUS AMOGUS" three times on Discord

  • Mafiapau


  • SynIsHere
    SynIsHereVit më parë

    So guys we did it, Pyro proved himself mostly innocent.

  • mike has a bike
    mike has a bikeVit më parë

    This situation feels like Shepherd killing Roach and Ghost all over again.

  • RealHistoryTV
    RealHistoryTVVit më parë

    I love how everyone changes their opinions so fast.

  • Ubiquitous Nut
    Ubiquitous Nut

    They could’ve fucking said:

  • Bvdd
    BvddVit më parë

    This was a moment everyone shall remember, we are disappointed EDIT: This comment was made before his response, which was absolutely a piece of art, so in conclusion, he in my mind handled the situation amazing and was a great response

  • Demonite
    DemoniteVit më parë

    POV: You're looking for anti-pyro comments to make fun of

  • Rubix
    RubixVit më parë

    I physically cringed near the end of the movie when they said "FOR THE LULZ!"