The Mayo Man

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this dude mayonnaise, cause he be saucin

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  • Pyrocynical
    PyrocynicalVit më parë

    Hey nerd, go to

  • Arthur TV
    Arthur TVVit më parë

    no neck big ed will go down in history as one of the strangest 90 day fiance characters of all time

  • Linh mac
    Linh macVit më parë

    fun fact: ed is older than rose's dad

  • Mr Victorian
    Mr VictorianVit më parë

    The reason why Ed doesn't use shampoo, is because he got insecure about using Head and Shoulders

  • Hi And Bye
    Hi And ByeVit më parë

    In all honesty, her taking money out of his wallet seems rude, but it’s actually for his safety because he has no idea how to currency works. He didn’t study anything or even research her culture. In markets, it’s very common for tourists to get pick pocketed, scammed, or mugged since tourists are usually slow at picking out currency they don’t understand and don’t know when they’re being scammed. So basically what she did is seen as rude, but she basically saved him from getting scammed or mugged.

  • Josh b
    Josh bVit më parë

    im pretty sure the reason she took his wallet was so he didnt end up getting scammed or overpaying like they normally do to foreigners in markets like that

  • Owl
    OwlVit më parë

    His hat says "BRUH" in sign language for any of you all wondering.

  • Apocalypsegasp!?
    Apocalypsegasp!?Vit më parë

    Fun fact:

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno GiovannaVit më parë

    Ed’s relationship with Rose ended faster than a speed runner completing a game

  • Jonesy
    JonesyVit më parë

    i like how everyone reacted to her taking money out of his wallet but she just tipped 20 cents

  • loser
    loserVit më parë

    fun fact: pyro didnt dye his hair... thats just the mayo that he couldnt wash off

  • Rocket Jumper
    Rocket JumperVit më parë

    I take ASL (American Sign Language) classes at my school, and frankly, the best use of my classes so far have been figuring out Pyrocinical's hat says "bruh" on it.

  • TheOneWhoIsn'tDumb
    TheOneWhoIsn'tDumbVit më parë

    In the divorce, Ed got the money and his wife got his neck.

  • parrot
    parrotVit më parë

    The fact that his girlfriend is younger than his daughter is disturbing

  • D M
    D MVit më parë

    Actually her digging into his wallet is pretty appropriate considering he didn’t know how pesos worked. When I first started living in Asia, or, a more specific example, when I visited Korea, I had no idea how the money worked, so my friends would take my wallet and help me out, just for the ease of transaction. Money isn’t such a huge thing in Asian country as it is in western, there is more open communication about it. She took him to go shopping in a relatively inexpensive area and bargained for him and then helped him with the conversion and anyone who has been to Asia, or even a foreign country with friends, can see she wasn’t being a gold digger. She was being kind.

  • Jim Jackson
    Jim JacksonVit më parë

    Ed looks like the peak human form for surviving car crashes

  • Ren10
    Ren10Vit më parë

    "her breath stinks"

  • Aaron Rebello
    Aaron RebelloVit më parë

    "In fact he has such a big heart that he gave it to another woman"

  • PhoenixofPrometheus
    PhoenixofPrometheusVit më parë

    I hope Ed financially recovers from losing 10 Philippine Pesos (aka $0.20 USD)

  • Cire
    CireVit më parë

    Anyone else realize how Ed doesn’t move his head when he looks he just turns his whole body