When a YouTuber makes it onto TV

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  • urmaker
    urmakerVit më parë

    Is this like Disney for adults? Her acting is terrible. How did she get a damn show? Seriously, kids on Disney have better acting skills.

  • Adam R
    Adam RVit më parë

    I hate how Liza has to be the best person in every episode, no exception.

  • CZsWorld
    CZsWorldVit më parë

    I love when Pyrocynical talks about Lizer.

  • Awesome Dude2
    Awesome Dude2Vit më parë

    She can’t say sorry?

  • Violet Wong
    Violet WongVit më parë

    im literally angry cause i cant find a genetics job with my bio masters degree but liza can through her phone app

  • Temmura
    TemmuraVit më parë

    Just want to apologize Pyro. I am about 20 minutes into this video and your commentary has made this experience a lot better but if I have to watch so much as one more minute of Liza ends racism I think I might need a therapist.

  • Astro Dan
    Astro DanVit më parë

    It’s always strange to me that despite all of these “white people bad” jokes, the ethnic female protagonist always pursues a white man.

  • Unconventional Gamer
    Unconventional GamerVit më parë

    The best character in this show is the kid when he says “Why are you screaming?”

  • Laxhoop 2525
    Laxhoop 2525Vit më parë

    I like how whenever a ALther gets a TV show, they almost seem to be possessed into exposing their extremely warped perception of morality and reality, totally revealing how much of a self-entitled, hypocritical, narcissistic, vindictive, brat they are.

  • Exxel Setijadi
    Exxel SetijadiVit më parë

    i kinda like how the only way they try to be inclusive is making sure that all straight, white, male characters are bad and there are a gay black guy and an asian girl but they don't contribute much to the plot and is

  • The Last Dad on Earth
    The Last Dad on EarthVit më parë

    It's funny that she always makes the guys she's interested in turn out to be lunatics. That guy she met at the carnival for example, no where in the entire episode did it show that he has a hot temper UNTIL they needed to prop Liza up on a pedestal. Honestly, she's as much of a lunatic as the guys she dates.

  • Duracell Battery
    Duracell BatteryVit më parë

    the episode where Liza keeps meeting amazing potential boyfriends but then dumping them because of a tiny flaw is literally stolen from friends

  • John Mulholland
    John MulhollandVit më parë

    Liza on Demand:

  • Padmapriya Sambath
    Padmapriya SambathVit më parë


  • big pp man
    big pp manVit më parë

    The amount of actors in this that I recognise from critically acclaimed shows is horrifying

  • Quacky LaQuack
    Quacky LaQuackVit më parë

    the whole bit of episode 4 can be completely avoided if Liza knew the word "Apologize" and "Apologies" (and maybe "condolences" too)

  • FireCat
    FireCatVit më parë

    I don’t think we should wish harm on other people, but I’m glad this show is failing. Racism shouldn’t be celebrated.

  • Wolfy
    WolfyVit më parë

    I love how dumb all these setups are. Like with the line about the girl's grandma dying she could've just said "my condolences"

  • no thanks
    no thanksVit më parë

    "I've never made a film before"

  • Linc11de7 Withers
    Linc11de7 WithersVit më parë

    As a Canadian that episode where she couldn’t say sorry pained me on another level