Final Boss Karen

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hmmm karen do shouty thing and I no like shouty thing except mc ride :3

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  • Pyrocynical
    PyrocynicalVit më parë

    Install Raid for Free

  • Out_of_Orbit
    Out_of_OrbitVit më parë

    Pyro did so much research on Karens he's started to morph into one.

  • ShaolinDave McAlias
    ShaolinDave McAlias

    I genuinely feel great sympathy for any innocent woman who happens to be named Karen.

  • Squallycellar 25
    Squallycellar 25

    Karen: it’s a free country I don’t need to wear a mask

  • BcwGames

    The “can i speak to your manager” was ruined because of karens. Most people who actually have a problem with an employee or their product are afraid to ask for the manager or confront the employee in fear that they will look entitled or be labeled a karen. Curse you karens!

  • Tman D
    Tman D

    When I worked at McDonalds, if anybody cursed at me, I would refuse them service and tell them to get lost. And this was completely supported by my managers. So it was cool.

  • CeeJay C
    CeeJay C

    I am over 50 giggling like a 12 year old girl at the 2 hammer Karen getting hairshoved into a hedge by grandma homeowner (karen?)

  • Billy Likes Toasters
    Billy Likes ToastersVit më parë

    Karens in a nutshell:

  • DstarsDstar

    I love how anytime pyro mentions acting, he brings up hunt down the Freeman

  • Iguana Bits
    Iguana Bits

    I am a 30 year old man and I came back to say I watched this video yesterday and the Karen from

  • Alfie Wilson
    Alfie Wilson

    My mum once acted like a Karen in a airport in Brussels

  • Peggy Williams
    Peggy Williams

    Bro imagine walking down the street and suddenly hearing DOOM music. And instead of a demon, a middle-aged Karen emerges from the bushes and charges full speed. What do you do in that situation?

  • Mr Maticus
    Mr Maticus

    "Nobody under the age of 35 uses Facebook"

  • Limited Lunar
    Limited LunarVit më parë

    The only Karen I respect is Karen from The Chum Bucket.

  • Squiggly

    That rare Karen with long hair, was truly terrifying. I didn't know someone could like a straight up boss in real life, I'd definitely cross the street if seen her

  • sebulbathx

    A Karen always screams so their voice cracks like a teenagers voice in their puberty.

  • blue pizza
    blue pizza

    my mom is a karen, and every second of my existence is pain because of that

  • Hunter

    The way they said "live love laugh" out of order gave me the same kind of whiplash as "paper scissors rock"

  • cat with a blog
    cat with a blog

    “Im a citizen I have the right to speak” - Karen

  • 内向性gdufguf
    内向性gdufgufVit më parë

    native american: speaks his tribe language