The worst sequel you haven't seen

Mrs paley took my monster

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  • Lopson
    Lopson2 vjet më parë

    When I saw the thumbnail I was legitimately scared that Logan Paul made a sequel to Airplane Mode.

  • Bogusman
    BogusmanVit më parë

    I love how he's allowed to show extremely realistic CGI gore but he can't say "kill"

  • God Of Timewaste
    God Of TimewasteVit më parë

    I actually just realized something that might be interesting.

  • songbird 64
    songbird 64Vit më parë

    “The only thing scarier than a giant, unbeatable corporation or government watching over you is no one at all.” Has to be one of the most insightful and terrifying statements I’ve ever heard from a review.

  • Mark Pennington
    Mark PenningtonVit më parë

    “The blind girl giving her insight”

  • Tullius
    TulliusVit më parë

    "I collect knives" pulls out the most generic looking knife ever seen

  • Guart Mode
    Guart Mode2 vjet më parë

    Every once in a while, Pyro shows that he is capable of incredible analysis and can really grip his audience. I like this content more than funny meme.

  • Carbon Based Lifeform
    Carbon Based LifeformVit më parë

    Cube: The good one

  • BOOM- seals
    BOOM- sealsVit më parë

    So every trap in the second movie only activates after ten minutes-

  • Jordan Boyd
    Jordan BoydVit më parë

    I actually cried when I first saw the ending of Cube for the first time. Kazan was the one I was rooting for this whole time to escape the cube since he first appeared in the movie and I've always felt bad for him whenever he gets scolded for his autism or whenever he whimpers at which room he doesn't like. Seeing him being the only one to survive due to him turning out to be really helpful in the end was one of the few times I actually cried at a film's ending.

  • Jake Foley
    Jake FoleyVit më parë

    There's one detail you missed about Hypercube that actually one of the only good pieces of writing in the film. When Simon shows up older after getting his eye stabbed, you asked how he survived this long. Check out all those watches on his arm. He's been killing and eating duplicates of Jerry over and over again for years.

  • Bogusman
    BogusmanVit më parë

    These Mr Beast challenges are getting out of hand

  • fred wood
    fred wood2 vjet më parë

    They should rename Cube 2 to Square because the characters were 2-dimensional.

  • YarnHatter
    YarnHatterVit më parë

    Not gonna lie, I’d like to see more types of videos like this.

  • Drezzo
    DrezzoVit më parë

    I’m gonna say this right now. Kazan is an amazing representation of mentally disabled people. I myself am autistic and I have a brother who is just as challenged as Kazan. Kazan is an amazing character imo. They didn’t just make him loud and stupid, they actually took the time to make his character realistic to mentally challenged people. He actually is smart and has his own strengths and weaknesses, he’s a person too, just different. The way he acts is amazing and I feel like I’m watching myself and my brother on screen. No one talks about how great kazans character is. Also, the fact that he’s the only one who escaped Is amazing.

  • Reginald Fidow
    Reginald FidowVit më parë

    I like how the posters for the movie use the character from the beginning of the film instead of the main cast. It makes you think he's gonna be the main character, but big surprise - he dies within the first two minutes.

  • The Disturbing Panda
    The Disturbing PandaVit më parë

    Quentin start of the movie: "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you"

  • RagingPanty
    RagingPantyVit më parë

    that moment when you realize Kazan's final escape was to enter cube2, just look at those bright white light lmao.

  • Enrique Fontan
    Enrique FontanVit më parë

    Honestly, the cube was a movie that didn’t need a sequel

  • x-men lol
    x-men lolVit më parë

    Hey, if Quentin just died in that sound trap then the rest of the group would have lived