Logan Paul's first movie is worse than you can imagine

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A better moving picture than Ozymandias

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  • TheMisterEpic

    Actually a decent and interesting concept, they could have done much more with it

  • New Russia
    New Russia

    the most annoying part about this, is that the base idea for the film is actually very interesting.

  • The Man Without a Plan
    The Man Without a Plan

    Kinda late comment, but I’m 99% sure that the masks, voice changers, and makeup are actually designed to protect the identity of the people who do the thinning. It’s kinda like how executioners wore hoods so the city or village wouldn’t know who it was and seek retribution or revenge through them. Might also just be overthinking it, and that they did it to make the guards look extra faceless and evil.

  • Nuclear bomb
    Nuclear bomb

    Unrealistic, the UN would never actually do something.

  • Mariner1712

    The eye makeup in hindsight is actually genius.

  • The best noob
    The best noob

    the concept of the movie wasn't bad its just the execution.

  • Albert Sirup
    Albert Sirup

    the guy just putting in his dad's password is honestly the most accurate depiction of hacking I've ever seen in a mainstream movie.

  • Snob

    Fun fact: His honey advertisement was better than this entire movie!

  • santiago carrer
    santiago carrer

    the worst part is that the movie actually had a very interesting and potentially great idea, but it had to end with youtube stars

  • K I N O
    K I N O

    “You know what we do with Parasites?!”

  • Omar Ribahi
    Omar Ribahi

    Sequel is “The thickening” and it’s just Logan doing squats for 1h34m

  • Banana Sundae
    Banana Sundae

    UN: reduce your country’s population

  • Maltesers123

    The acting, world-building, and plot development in the honey ad is genuinely better than in the movie.

  • BMK

    Can I just say, why swap the test results with somebody else when you could’ve just said that your son was purposely going to fail, you have evidence, just make he redo the test without purposely failing it? I’m more than sure they’d allow that, right?

  • Cullen McBride
    Cullen McBride

    The kids not being dead but being put to work instead is the most predictable twist ever

  • yungsheogorath

    Wait until Pyro realises that Fish n Chips is the most popular fast food here in New Zealand

  • Christian Lorrain
    Christian Lorrain

    Pyro: "1 wrong question could still give you a 75%"

  • Joe D
    Joe D

    This entire plot was actually copied from a Doctor Who episode called "The Beast Below" released in 2010, honestly the plots are completely identical. Kids have to take a test, if they fail they get "killed", but it turns out they just become labourers underground.

  • baboon

    The most unrealistic thing in the movie is anyone listening to what the UN says

  • TheAweDude1

    To be fair to the movie, they explain that the UN dictates a maximum amount of population increase. Therefore, it's not necessarily a pass/fail, or a percentage, but an absolute number of survivors, regardless of the tested population. Therefore, yes, cheater lady was indeed killing people.