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  • J-Bug
    J-BugVit më parë

    Huge respect, can't imagine the pain of having something you were paranoid to be leaked to be leaked

  • mementorem

    Whenever I feel embarassed, I will remember that pyro had to expose his furry fetishes to the world to prove he is not a groomer

  • Elon Tusk
    Elon Tusk

    Pyrocynical admitting that he’s into furry inflation is the equivalent of Bruce Wayne admitting that he’s Batman

  • Linc

    “How were you groomed?”

  • Luckee

    so basically pyro is a smart fella AND a fart smella.

  • Bre

    Pyro Check List:

  • Memeify
    MemeifyVit më parë

    never in any of my years on youtube did I think Pyrocynical would be releasing a response admitting to fat furry roleplay

  • Shovellord Reviews
    Shovellord Reviews

    Ivory: *joins 18+ server *

  • Kaiden Wanna
    Kaiden Wanna

    Defending himself. Even if it hurts him. He is a brave fucking soldier

  • Bit_Crushed

    Pyro may be a degenerate furry but he's OUR degenerate furry

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams

    Pyrocynical: Good Ending

  • Shigz

    “How were you groomed?”

  • Dolan Darker
    Dolan DarkerVit më parë

    The first piece of content Colossal has created in a year and it's reading out fat furry roleplay

  • Kasunex

    Can we appreciate, how Pyro singlehandedly managed to not shuffle around this and simply ended the entire discussion with a single, honest response?

  • Oisuke!

    “Yes, I’m into fats.” I salute to you for transparency.

  • Fish

    If you look at this video, his voice is more sped up and more aggressive. This shows how stressed he was by this entire thing, and how he has to give up his kink to clear his name. It's sad to see how much this put on Pyro, and I'm glad he's doing better now.

  • Ellie

    A 15 year old joined a nsfw, 18+ discord server.

  • Alex

    How are people surprised pyros a furry, his pfp was literally foxy for the longest time and most of his old videos ended with furry fanart. I still love him all the same and honestly knowing even pyro can be cringey has made him that much more relatable.

  • AidenProjects
    AidenProjectsVit më parë

    This was a proper response. There is literally no definitive proof that pyro knew the kid was 15. It was irresponsible to just talk about that stuff with anyone but I don’t think it’s anything worse than that. He admitted what he needed to.

  • KateIsANameIG

    “How were you groomed?”