Fat Cry 3

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Did I ever tell you the definition of an overused joke

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  • Comrade WarBear
    Comrade WarBearVit më parë

    The definition of insanity, is hoping that one day pyro is actually going to make petscop 2

  • DannyDevitoFan 420 69
    DannyDevitoFan 420 6914 ditë më parë

    Jason’s descent into madness is literally what parents think will happen after 6 days of gaming

  • Sam Dedmon
    Sam Dedmon

    can we just talk about how powerful that musical bit near the end of the video is? It really feels like you've just gone through what Jason has.

  • Reticulon


  • Terrarian 543
    Terrarian 543

    "Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"

  • ThatFatGuy98
    ThatFatGuy9814 ditë më parë

    "knives don't bring people back"

  • NicoB
    NicoBVit më parë

    I can't even imagine how long this must have taken to edit together.

  • Jacks Junk Drawer
    Jacks Junk Drawer

    It's official, MLG Teletubbies is no longer Pyrocynicals most famous video. Congratulations Pyrocynical, you've done it.

  • Kristiyan Nikolchev
    Kristiyan Nikolchev

    It is incredibly satisfying that this video gets to pass the MLG Teletubbies one and become Pyro's most popular. It is clearly Pyro's best work yet and it signifies a permanent change in Pyro's content. Hopefully future long videos like this one can sustain him financially, so he doesn't have to create the shorter, trend based ones too often.

  • Inferior

    So Citra basically wanted you to be her new Vaas, but obedient

  • vf fa
    vf fa

    This video being 2 hours long and still having over 16 million views is well deserved. Actually, it should have even more.

  • Clorocks 12
    Clorocks 12

    I feel like Jason's descent is terrifying because he very much, truly didn't belong in the Rooke Islands. He wasn't some Sheriff or Journalist risking his life for the job. He wasn't a revolutionary trying to take back his country. He wasn't a native to the Islands. He was just an average guy who got tricked into getting his life destroyed

  • Leon Lush
    Leon LushVit më parë

    never though i'd find myself watching a 2 hour video about the far cry series but here we are and i'm enthralled

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated14 ditë më parë


  • Heritor _
    Heritor _


  • Me :D
    Me :D

    “A dev confirmed his death on Twitter”.

  • Juan

    Best Far cry protagonist, the evolution is not that deep or groundbreaking, but holy shit it is well done. I played the fourth one, Ajay is ok, but it feels like he doesn't have a personality, and since Far Cry 5 has straight up character customization, you just know its just a vessel for the player, so I don't know if I should get it. I doubt any of these will make me feel the same as Far Cry 3. Ironically, I could relate to Jason more than any other protagonist, I wanted to get stronger and take revenge on Vaas and his men. At first I was unexperienced and hesitant, but the more I killed, the best I got at it, and seeing Jason transformation according to what I was doing is something no other game has made me feel more vividly than this one.

  • BerserkerVEVO

    “ I never thought I’ll be able to kill someone. For the first time it felt……wrong. Which is good right? But now…..it feels like winning”

  • NorthEevee
    NorthEeveeVit më parë

    I'm gonna be honest here. I wish you would create more content like this. I know it takes a lot of time and effort and might burn you out, but it's great. I can easily sit through these two hours and that says something. Usually 30 minutes is my max for a ALthe video. Well done man.

  • SpacePulse

    To be fair to the alcohol logic, Jason had probably already been drunk so three consecutive shots probably would make him pass out, also that probably wasn't Dennis's first beer, even if there were no beer bottles (he probably stored them in his loot sack to sell later at one of the outposts storage lockers)