Hunt Down The Refund

♫ You're face to face, with The Man Who Sold The World ♫

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  • CoreyLaddo

    I was nearly hired to work on this game as an animator. Glad I dodged that bullet, although the prospect of animating "YOU FUCKED UP MY FACE" never leaves my mind

  • Nicholas Bastion
    Nicholas BastionVit më parë

    I looked in the reviews of the game, and one of the negative reviews was just the Bee Movie script. I love the internet.

  • UniversalMystery
    UniversalMysteryVit më parë

    I’m almost hundred percent certain there is an alternate timeline where this game is literally an award winning game considered canon by valve and has the best gameplay mechanics in any game ever.

  • Gorilla in a Patrick Suit
    Gorilla in a Patrick Suit

    >Main character is a Marine

  • Astro
    AstroVit më parë

    gordon freeman’s voice actor is better than all of the voice actors in this game

  • Dapper Blueberries
    Dapper Blueberries

    The fact the Cry of Fear devs made a better half life mod on such a limited budget and such a small team, shows how little Hunt Down the Freeman devs actually cared about their game and just wanted to make some bucks.

  • Mestro Meowskers
    Mestro Meowskers2 vjet më parë

    The gman voice actor was way too qualified for this

  • Pokanika
    PokanikaVit më parë

    I heard that there's a conspiracy theory that they intentionally made this game terrible so they could pressure Valve to make a new half-life.

  • Gordon Miiman
    Gordon MiimanVit më parë

    Pyro when he proves he’s innocent and confronts Ivory: You fucked up my face.

  • Mango
    MangoVit më parë

    "if I hire youtubers as voice actors, they won't dare criticize the game where they appear"

  • Mysterious Jojo
    Mysterious JojoVit më parë

    Can you imagine if Valve actually made this game canon, like Big Mitch suddenly turns up in Half Life 3 with the same model and everything

  • Rewind Productions
    Rewind Productions

    The "Oh no" when he hears Keemstar as the president. That about sums up the entire fucking game.

  • Astf 7
    Astf 72 vjet më parë

    One of the steam user tags are “female protagonist”

  • Matthew Banks
    Matthew BanksVit më parë

    The G-Man was actually kind of good in this. The only problems were "messa" and his voice being a bit deeper than Michael Shapiro's

  • Strooty
    StrootyVit më parë

    That “get down” part was very anti-climatic

  • CKVanilla
    CKVanillaVit më parë

    Imagine instead of the HEV suit guy being Gordon or generic anime villain it was Ivan the space biker, that would’ve been incredible

  • builttoscalevideos
    builttoscalevideosVit më parë

    Came back to this video again only to realise that they attempted to make a Half Life 2 Prequel, only for Valve to A B S O L U T E L Y F L E X on them with Half Life Alyx 2 years later.

  • N T
    N T

    "You fucked up my face" sends me into hysterics every time

  • ChickMan
    ChickManVit më parë

    Hunt Down the Freeman sounds like a game about a angry southern slave owner pre civil war looking for his slave

  • Dimebag Darrell
    Dimebag DarrellVit më parë

    Dude literally blows up, gibbing everywhere