mlg teletubbies


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Sad music when teletubbies :
Enya - Only Time
Airhorn Sad violin

People freaking out:

Outro music:
Truxton - Alexandrian Ricochet Sphere

Komente: 39 655

  • Kniattempler

    This wasn’t ironic, this was considered peak humor in 2014

  • Yuric INC.
    Yuric INC.

    Nothing you make Pyro will surpass this master piece

  • Edin Imšir
    Edin Imšir

    We gotta watch this a million times so this becomes his most viewed again

  • skazzel

    How did an incredibly comprehensive and detailed review like this get overtaken by a stupid far cry mlg parody

  • Mr. Linguini
    Mr. Linguini

    Our humor has evolved so much that it went backwards

  • Fake Slim Shady
    Fake Slim Shady

    Every time I watch fat cry 3 I also watch this so it doesn't get overtaken.

  • 0Bennyman
    0BennymanVit më parë

    I could never have imagined that this same person would drop the most comprehensive and detailed Far Cry 3 review.

  • Jock Seethe
    Jock Seethe

    Gen Z humor: Who are you?

  • Krishnanand KJ
    Krishnanand KJ

    Fat cry 3 has finally surpassed this legendary masterpiece. The world is now about to officially end.

  • Kelvin Kegel
    Kelvin Kegel

    Guys quick we need to re-watch MLG Teletubbies right this instant, this needs to be fixed, don't let the flame die out!

  • Ol.Iv.

    I just realized that crazy amogus edits just replaced the crazy arabfunny edits that replaced crazy MLG edits

  • the cp kid
    the cp kid

    It’s hard to believe that the same guy made an 8 hour deep dive into a relatively unknown British tv show. Bro has been putting out bangers since the start

  • joseph kony
    joseph konyVit më parë

    remember, this was not made ironically. this was humor back in 2014

  • J. Hurford
    J. Hurford

    Funniest part of this video is even though this is Pyro's most popular video, he hasn't made a single penny off it because of the copyright claims.

  • Rov

    You still cannot escape the curse of mlg teletubbies, Pyro

  • stupid staring spino
    stupid staring spino

    We need this back on top at all costs

  • ondexb

    I remember laughing at this when i was younger

  • Yung Marsupial
    Yung Marsupial

    This is still your peak, dont you ever forget it

  • An English Prat
    An English Prat2 vjet më parë

    This is the only thing keeping him above Morgz's Mum

  • Epicc gamner
    Epicc gamner

    Back when pyro had good quality content