The best Netflix show you haven't seen

Exclusive Reaction on story fire with big haha:

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  • Pyrocynical
    PyrocynicalVit më parë

    Check out the epic video I did for storyfire:

  • UnknowniD
    UnknowniDVit më parë

    The real message of the film is that everyone wants to park their car in the shade, but nobody wants to plant a tree.

  • SuperWiiBros08

    Being a Spanish speaker makes this even more enjoyable

  • Infinite

    This really feels like one of those movies where it’s scary and disgusting but you just can’t look away

  • HutchHere

    "what's your favorite food?"

  • Tobias Mattsson
    Tobias Mattsson

    "I can't scat upwards" is one of the funniest lines I've ever heard in a movie

  • christopher campbell
    christopher campbell

    Damn. Goreng turned from caring, to careless, to giving his whole life just for a single message. I don't know, this movie is just... Amazing.

  • 。紙の神
    。紙の神Vit më parë

    Sure Pyro’s good at the commentary business but this is where he shines.


    The brilliant thing is there was a different ending planned which had the Panna Cotta go up instead of the child and the head chef found some impurity or hair or something on it and thought that no-one in the hole ate it because of this impurity and the message behind it being left meant absolutely nothing.

  • Jvrlucena Films
    Jvrlucena Films

    The word "society" has been so utterly destroyed by society that we can't even say it without laughing and therefore making whatever you're trying to say "silly" or "stupid"

  • Michael Higbee
    Michael Higbee

    This movie was fantastic but was also the most psychologically disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. It’s not the violence or cannibalism, it’s the terror of the thought of inevitable death on a low level. You have no choice but to kill your cellmate or die

  • I'm Hungreee
    I'm Hungreee

    The worst part of this movie is when you realize he just had 1 more month to hold it in...

  • HutchHere

    The “she got a B, let’s kill her!” Got me laughing like a goat mixed with a teapot

  • G Family
    G FamilyVit më parë

    It's hard too believe that someone who created a incredibly well written and edited review off a amazing film, also created shrek has swag

  • Powerhouseofthecell

    You know you’ve made a good video when people don’t realise that they’ve been watching for over an hour

  • JakeJake

    The fact that if everyone only ate what they needed would have caused everyone to be ok makes an amazing concept, people suffer and people die because of human nature.

  • RustyCotton Programs
    RustyCotton Programs

    I watched this movie a long time ago, and I realised a possibility for the lower levels... They could use their blankets as nets to catch the suicidal and "fish" food.

  • wednesday’s not real
    wednesday’s not real

    So in regards to where the little girl came from, the director said in an interview that different kids are placed on the bottom floor every month as an experiment. Just to see if anybody will help care for them.

  • AntonioDucc

    I remember 1 hour ago when I wasn't traumatized by this movie, ah good times

  • Ok Boomer But It's a Cat
    Ok Boomer But It's a CatVit më parë

    Let's be honest.