A Good Video About Condemned: Criminal Origins

alternatively, Bum Fight : No shower edition
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Condemned audio fix

Resident Evil 7 - videogamedunkey
King Kong: I have no ears, but I must scream - Criken2
When you queue for the wrong server in PUBG - Albino
Pokemon animation by ramsker
Ramsay_Dramatic_Violin.WAV - Rushnerd
Condemned 2: Bloodshot All Cutscenes HD

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  • Pyrocynical
    Pyrocynical3 vjet më parë

    Just wanted to say thanks for sticking around, I know being gone for long periods like this isn't the best for the channel but condemned is a game I've loved for years and wanted to share my appreciation for it

  • iNabber
    iNabber3 vjet më parë

    I've not fed my kids since you last uploaded in protest, i hope you're happy, i sure am

  • Narrator

    I can't believe this came out 2 years ago I remember clicking on this when it first came out

  • roblox gamer 101
    roblox gamer 101

    After two years I just realized that the enemies in the library are victims of the fire that rosa talks about. In the first call with her she tells you that there was a big fire there explaining why some of the people inside looking really disfigured and burned.

  • Scourmya
    ScourmyaVit më parë

    Didn't know they turned Minnesota into a game

  • Chestnut the bear 2
    Chestnut the bear 22 vjet më parë

    I feel like that scene with the Mario Odyssey music could have actually been a really cool trailer for the game.

  • LordBowler

    An hour into the game, I remember turning to my friend and asking "How certain are we that I'm not actually the serial killer?" At the end of the game, he answered "Hundred percent. You just rampaged through the city murdering EMTs and homeless people, convinced you were solving a crime by collecting dead birds off the street. The fuck do you call that?"

  • Albino
    Albino3 vjet më parë

    why killer kill?

  • Solhurst
    Solhurst2 vjet më parë

    You’ll be sad to hear that Townsville is a real place in Australia

  • Yush


  • RyfeSeven

    Explain videogames badly: Police officer assaults drug addicts for being too scary

  • TNC DRob da Doc
    TNC DRob da Doc2 vjet më parë

    I love how he was taking about the library enemies but didn't realize there supposed to be the victims in the fire the library's based on...

  • namesaredum

    gets grabbed by a mangled half dead man covered in blood and missing most of his face

  • Emmy
    Emmy3 vjet më parë

    It's hard to believe.. these days, that you were ever called a "leafy clone". Your content, especially like THIS is fantastically edited, informative, and wholly entertaining. I also love that you really enjoy making it. Keep it up bud.

  • Djaccountisbfisbx
    Djaccountisbfisbx2 vjet më parë

    This really reminds me of that one meme,

  • Callum Dekkers
    Callum DekkersVit më parë

    "Ethan also has pre-cognition, but we're getting ahead of ourselves." Nice Pryo.

  • ghost jonhny
    ghost jonhny

    “Do you love your wife if she had a slong size of godzilla?” - Now that some serious question right there

  • Frotty Z
    Frotty Z2 vjet më parë

    I remember playing through this without taser by accident

  • S
    SVit më parë

    You didn't do a melee only playthrough of the game, Mr. Cynical.

  • Mini - Cafetos
    Mini - Cafetos3 vjet më parë

    Its incredible how amazing these reviews are, covering everything about the game in such a detailed way and being entertaining as well. They last a full hour, yet they feel like a 20 minute video. Amazing stuff right fucking here.