Cuphead VS the Fandom

Coming soon: Cuphead the movie

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Game ► Cuphead (duh)

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  • Pyrocynical
    Pyrocynical4 vjet më parë

    Yeah I was gone for a while, hope this video can fill at least some of the hole from that wait

  • LemonOVA
    LemonOVA4 vjet më parë

    Cuphead clearly appeals to the male fantasy

  • Captain scrib
    Captain scribVit më parë

    I have realized that any game that is unique has a horrible fandom

  • Janis
    JanisVit më parë

    "The game has a beginning and it has an ending"

  • Le Nin
    Le NinVit më parë

    "a world full of young cups old kettles and satan"

  • Robloxiscancer 3
    Robloxiscancer 3Vit më parë

    “Is that a dogfish? That’s not even real. That’s a work of fiction.”

  • Orange Creamsicle
    Orange Creamsicle

    The rule of Pyrocynical is

  • Kovlad
    Kovlad2 vjet më parë

    I usually listen through these entire videos while working or drawing, i wouldnt mind more videos like this.

  • Lucarvee
    LucarveeVit më parë

    Luckily all Matpat did to Cuphead was say, “Hey you see these tea-set heads? Yeah, they’re making bootleg alcohol in there.”

  • tails ish
    tails ishVit më parë

    As a Leader of the Cuphead Amino, I can confirm that this fandom is absolute fucking hell.

  • Wiki Tokarska
    Wiki Tokarska


  • Magui D
    Magui DVit më parë

    I'm like 2 years late to the party but I love these kinds of videos tbh. It's amazing to hear you talking about something you're genuinely passionate about, and the fact that it got you so many well-deserved views it's great as well

  • MasterCraft Leo
    MasterCraft Leo

    Fun Fact:Tesla now has put cuphead on the games list that you can play, but you need a controller plugged in

  • Auburn
    Auburn4 vjet më parë

    watched the whole thing, worth the wait entirely. I think the amount of effort and work you put into this video is a great tribute to the game and the effort taken to create that too. You're slowly but surely moving up from a dying channel six months ago to a well respected content creator like JonTron.

  • IMAtlaS
    IMAtlaSVit më parë

    "Ironically, the smokebomb is only useless... when it can't be used"

  • Ijneb1248
    Ijneb1248Vit më parë

    I love how he talks about the fandom for like 10 minutes, the rest is just a game review

  • JavMochaBlast


  • Caseless


  • Jasper The hotboy
    Jasper The hotboy


  • Levelmake
    Levelmake2 vjet më parë

    “I am a pirate that lived by the sea, I have homosexual tendencies”